Artist Spotlight – Wave Racer


I stumbled onto Sydney, Australia’s Wave Racer at the end of last year and was instantly impressed. His music is upbeat, bouncy and has just the right amount of heavy bass. It’s so upbeat that it’s hard to listen to one of his tracks without a smile your face. The way he combines beautiful synths with distorted vocal samples and heavy bass creates a soundscape matched by few. The first track that put me on Wave Racer was his remix of Cosmo’s Midnight – The Dofflin. The song samples Aaliyah’s – Are You That Somebody. Wave Race bends the vocals perfectly to fit the upbeat track so that they are just within recognition. Were it not for Timbaland’s “Uh-huh” I may not have even been able to recognize the sample.

His Remix of Panama’s – Always is quite possibly his best work. He takes the song in a completely new direction. As soon you hear the “d-d-down” you know you in for a treat, but with Wave Racer his sounds are never anything you can predict.

Rock U Tonight is another huge track. It starts with a beautiful melody then builds into a glitch synth heavy drop with distorted sped up vocals reminiscent of Daft Punk. The song is sure to have “Let Me Rock You Tonight” playing through your head all day.

If you like what you’ve heard, check out his Soundcloud page for even more dope sounds. 2013 was break out year for Wave Racer and I don’t expect him to slowdown any time soon. So be on the lookout for more serotonin inducing tracks in 2014.


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