Bad News – Danny Brown x Action Bronson


The new GTAV is here for PS4 and XBox One, and with it comes new music for FlyLo FM and Radio Los Santos. Amongst those is this hilarious jam from Danny Brown and Action Bronson, a tag team I wish we’d see more often. They work together flawlessly, whipping off punchline after punchline. DB plays the gang leader and Bam Bam the comedic getaway driver: ‘We fuck you up so bad that you will never take a normal doo-doo /
Or a pee-pee, bedridden /
Now I’m laughing while head is given,’ raps Action as he rips away from the crime scene. They might as well be characters in the game.

Listen to ‘Bad News,’ here: 

Listen to A$AP Rocky’s ‘1Train’ featuring Action Bronson and Danny Brown amongst others , here: 


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