Noisey Releases ‘Very First Breath: A Film About Hudson Mohawke’


Noisey, the main music arm of the ever-expanding Vice Media, has just released a worthwhile documentary about Glasgow-born producer Hudson Mohawke. The celebrated producer is well known for his hard hitting beats, innovative sound and collaborative project, TNGHT, with Montreal-born producer Lunice. 

HudMo quickly rose to popularity around 2010 shortly after the release of his first studio album Butter in 2009. After being recruited for his production skill by Kanye West and the overwhelming response to the aforementioned TNGHT collaboration in 2012, Hudson Mohawke became a name synonymous with the rapidly rising popularity of trap music in the EDM world. Though his unique production style and sound are easily recognizable, behind the music lies a seemingly shy and soft spoken young man who most fans don’t know all that well. Some basic Google searching will lead to a video of a 15-year-old HudMo (then called DJ Itchy) performing an impressive scratch-routine at the 2003 DMC UK Finals and some fairly generic interviews here and there, but for fans looking to learn more about the man behind this thick, hard-hitting sound, there has not been all that much to get excited about.

Leave it to Noisey to fill that need.

The 30 minute documentary explores HudMo’s roots in Glasgow, the LuckyMe crew that his Hudson Mohawke project was born out of as well as the effect that such a quick rise to popularity can have on such a promising, young and creative mind.

Watch the full documentary below.


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