#tbt – Kanye West – Welcome to Heartbreak


On November 24th 2008, Mr. West dropped his fourth studio album but also his most unconventional album from a sound perspective. The Chicago native dropped a 12 track album which featured a more emotionally charged Kanye mixing new production techniques with multiple vocal filters (mainly auto-tune). With this project,Yeezy moved away from the regular rap track structure and though he originally caught a lot of heat form fans and followers at first, this album has undoubtedly become one of the most important albums in music in the last 10 years. Breaking down the barrier between rapping and singing Kanye set himself apart from other rappers and truly became an artist. This weeks throwback is ‘Welcome to Heartbreak’ which features Kid Cudi and a clearly emotional Kanye describing how fame has changed his life, impacting his ability to find someone to love, have kids and grow old. The production on the track is stellar – with a deep string bass line accompanied by a piano driven melody that matches the subject matter beautifully.


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