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Subtlety and patience are two words not often associated with electronic music, especially in its more mainstream forms.

Without question, plenty of minimal, progressive music can be found in so-called ‘underground’ scenes around the world, but often overlooked are producers who touch on all the right elements, composing and producing music that is undeniably for dancing but reaches far past the usual confines of typical EDM crowds, appealing to lovers of music in general. Music that provides familiarity for fans of more typical dance music styles while achieving uniqueness in its explorative nature and composition, lifting it above similar styles that would otherwise be considered its peers and widening the breadth of our collective expectations when we consider what ‘good’ music should sounds like.

In any conversation about beautiful, explorative electronic music, Bonobo is a name that must be mentioned.

Simon Green, aka Bonobo is an English-born multi-instrumentalist, producer and performer. He has released 5 full-length studio albums on the well known UK label Ninja Tune (with a 6th album just announced to be released in 2016), and continues to develop his truly unique, lush sound with each new offering. While many producers find a specific niche or scene to create within, Bonobo is an artist that is constantly pushing boundaries and finding new and creative ways to keep evolving his unmistakeable sound. At his core, Bonobo is a talented composer with a great ear for unique tone and arrangement who utilizes digital production technology to take his music to the next level. While some producers rely on digital production to create any sound at all, Bonobo uses it to further push and develop music that often finds its beginning in the natural world.

Because the energy created on his five official releases ranges from chill, slow and sombre to upbeat and bass-weighty, there is surely something here that any music lover will enjoy; And this is not to mention his countless EP’s, remix albums (featuring a litany of talented producers from all corners of the dance music world, many of which are his Ninja Tune brethren) and live performance DVD’s, featuring his (extremely talented) live-band reproducing, and in some cases reinterpreting many of his compositions.

Music like this is a shining example of the possibilities created by electronic music production, and can serve as a welcomed reminder that ‘dance’ music isn’t all womp’s and wub’s and endless 4-to-the-floor beats. In all music, creating, building and controlling intensity and energy is the key to captivating an audience. Bonobo’s music serves as proof that there is no single way to accomplish this, and that much of the beauty created is found in the pursuit itself.

Check out a few of Bonobo’s legendary Boiler Room Sets HERE and HERE.


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