Cashmere Cat Pulls In Selena Gomez and Tory Lanez for ‘Trust Nobody’  


When I saw Cashmere Cat was dropping a new track on Friday I was ecstatic. When I saw it features Tory Lanez and Selena Gomez, my heart sank a little. No disrespect to Tory Lanez, he’s dope. But it doesn’t get more poppy than Selena Gomez. Barring that in mind, I was still optimistic, this is Cashmere Cat after all. After clicking play my optimism was proved to be just. Is it poppy? Absolutely. But it packs an upbeat and infectious vibe that make it hard not to enjoy. If you’re expecting ‘Mirror Maru’ part two you’ll definitely be dissapointed. But if you dug ‘Party Girls,’ you’ll probably love this. Stream below and let us know if you FUXWITHIT. 


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