Craze & Four Color Zack Return For 2¢ Part 3


Craze & Four Color Zack are two of the best DJs out. That’s not my opinion, it’s a fact. With a handful of DMC titles and a Red Bull 3Style Championship between them, their skills aren’t up for debate. When the two of them linked up to form 2¢ they set the game on fire with their debut mix. No one was safe as they launched an assault against Hardwell, DJ Mag, Coke rappers and more. Their second edition kept that energy going and aimed even bigger; from poking fun at basic dance anthems to a more serious exploration of the “big brother” surveillance in our society. After the shit-storm of year that 2016 was, it’s only right that the duo return for their most scathing mix to date to kick off the year.

‘2¢ Part 3’ is easily their most socially conscious and powerful installment yet: tackling everything from police brutality, to drinking and driving and of course the President-Elect Donald Trump. Through a series of perfectly executed samples, loops, and songs they craft a mix that speaks to the people. It’s moving and thought-provoking all while being technically ill and bumping. It’s not often a DJ mix makes you stop and think and ‘2¢ Part 3’ does so at a relentless pace. It’s only the 4th day of January but good luck to any DJ looking to top this for Mix of the Year. Stream below and grab the free download.


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