Jameston Thieves & PRXZM’s ‘Inside The Flames’ Is a Summer Afternoon on DMT


Jameston Thieves‘ music is extraordinary. He doesn’t craft tracks, he creates journeys. The latest trip is a collab with PRXZM entitled ‘Inside The Flames.’ It’s a causal Saturday afternoon.  The sun is shining, the air is warm and you’re kicking it in the park with a seductive stranger. It seems things couldn’t get any more perfect until they pull out a crisp J and spark it up. It’s Saturday and you ain’t got nothing to do, so you causally take a few drags and prepare for Mary’s gentle embrace. The expectation of a mellow buzz is demolished by an incredulous mind morphing episode (was that DMT?). Your perception is turned inside out. You can see sounds and taste images. Everything you once knew comes into question. Is the world what we see or is that just how our mind processes it? What if what we see isn’t really what it is? The intensity wanes but it’s only for a short time before you’re sucked back into a black hole for another transcended trip. When you think it just may too much bear, the world you know returns to focus. The sun warms your skin and a smiling face tells you everything is alright. Take a trip ‘Inside The Flames’.


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