Malaa Shuts The Club Down With ‘Oh Me Oh My’ Remix


DJ Snake‘s trap banger (with Travis Scott, Migos‘ Quavo, & G4SHI) is already a wicked track to begin with – now, Malaa steps forward and puts out a remix that’s just as lit, if not more so.

(Although, for those leaning on rumours that DJ Snake = Malaa, this can technically be seen as a VIP remix.)

Nevertheless, electronic music is making huge waves as it melds with other genres, namely pop and hip-hop. The latter has led some people to be skeptical towards the two coming together. Yet, one of EDM’s masked mysteries has gone to prove that it’s doable, and pulls it off almost effortlessly. The song features his signature G-house flair, some well-timed bubbly pops, and utilizes G4SHI’s catchy hook to set up the drop. This is bound to bring out your inner shuffler to help you lose control on the dance floor. Get your fix of ‘Oh Me Oh My’ below!


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