Cashmere Cat, Sophie and MØ Break New Ground On ‘9 (After Coachella)’


Over the past several months, Cashmere Cat has been slowly teasing what his album will sound like. While ‘Wild Love,’ ‘Trust Nobody’ and ‘Throw Myself A Party’ have all been great, they’ve featured a more pop-friendly motif than we’d hoped for. With ‘9 (After Coachella)’ he balances an infectious and enticing sound with something that’ll make your brain explode. The intro features sultry vocals from MØ and a fluid soundscape. It’s a smooth start that takes a wonderfully strange twist. A bent robotic build gives way to a filthy drop that is riddled with pounding low end and a plethora of odd samples. MØ drifts back in for a melodic break before things get crazy once more. We hope this is a sign for what to expect, because it’s incredible.


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