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Australia has been taking over the electronic music scene. From massive producers like Flume, What So Not and Wax Motif, to up-and-comers like Palais and LUUDE. It seems every month there is another Aussie making waves. The newest addition to the long list is Brisbane’s own Hier. His sound blends future bass with elements of trap for a signature style that’s garnering some serious attention. His latest single ‘Turn Around’ premiered with Pilerats this week and has already clocked a few thousand plays. He is also responsible for one of our favourite remixes of 2017 so far with ‘Swang.’ To help familiarize fans with Hier, we connected with him for an interview and exclusive guest mix. Peep both below along with the tracklist. Don’t forget to snag that free download too.

How did you get into producing? What do you enjoy most about it?

Well when I was in Year 8 at school I was listening to Eminem at one point and thought to myself “I wonder how they make the background music,” so I Googled it and basically found out about how Electronic music is made. Since then I have been in love with it. I enjoy making something from nothing and just being able to create music from my imagination. Like it’s so cool that I can make full songs that my friends and family enjoy, and I can do it all by myself!

How did you connect with The South East Grind? How has working with them impacted your career?

I met Henry (the owner of TSEG) through one of my DJ friends and he was digging my music which lead to me joining the team. It’s been a massive help for me! I’ve been introduced to so many talented producers and have been lucky enough to work with some of them (LOJACK & Holly). Being on a collective really helps get your music to a new audience which is super important and TSEG is just a great group of people which makes it easier.

…the mainstream Future Bass might be getting watered down, but there is so much more to discover and it’s always changing which is why I love it.

Future bass is a genre getting more and more attention and as a result becoming more and more watered down. How do you work to continually push the sound forward?

I like to think that Future Bass as a genre is constantly expanding. There is music like Lido, Flume, Porter Robinson, San Holo, Wave Racer who are really diverse but could easily be put under the Future Bass label. There are also so many smaller producers pushing the genre into all directions as well like DROELOE, Slumberjack, Taska Black, Graves, KRANE, k?d, WRLD and a lot more. So yeah the mainstream Future Bass might be getting watered down, but there is so much more to discover and it’s always changing which is why I love it.

As for me, I just like to listen to a diverse range of music and then use things I like in other genres that may not have been tried before in Future Bass. I also like to just make what I want to make and never limit my ideas to a specific sound. 12 months from now, my sound will be a lot different to how it is right now.

Flume is probably giving Australian music more light.

Being a future bass producer from Australia do you ever feel that it’s hard to get out from under Flume’s shadow?

Honestly, not so much! Flume is doing amazing things for Future Bass, although he is kind of in his own lane with his sound. I don’t know too many other people doing it. I think Australian producers are getting more attention now than ever before, especially with Future Bass music. So if anything, Flume is probably giving Australian music more light.

You mentioned you’ve been listening to more rap lately. Who are your favourite artists at the moment?

Travis Scott’s albums have been on repeat so much since Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight. Other people like Migos, Big Sean, Future and Post Malone have been played a lot haha.

What influence has it had on your sound?

I really like the instrumentals these guys are using and the way they some use their vocals almost like another instrument is really cool. I think its definitely influencing my music at the moment and that will becoming clearer with some of my tracks in the future!

You’ve released a ton of dope remixes. What makes you decide to rework a song? Any upcoming remixes you can tell us about?

There is kind of a specific feeling I need to remix a song, it has to be one I really enjoy but also has to have a
need to be remixed you know? Some songs are really good and have the potential to have a Future Bass/Trap drop in them or maybe I really want to play them in the club but the original doesn’t suit my set on its own. But I also believe some songs are really good and shouldn’t be touched. I don’t plan ahead too much with remixes, they are generally pretty spontaneous, but I am definitely hoping to put more out in between originals!

I want it to sound fresh and deep but also have the ability to be played in a club as well as at home.

You have an EP in the works, how’s it coming along? Can you give us any details?

At the moment its still an idea and I’m adding original tracks to it as I make them (if they suit the EP). I’m hoping to have it finished and released by the end of the year, but who knows. I want it to sound fresh and deep but also have the ability to be played in a club as well as at home. I’m really excited to get it finished and show everyone how diverse I can get!

What can we expect from the guest mix?

It’s gonna be pretty heavy for the most part, but I do like to break it up every now and then. I’m definitely trying to put in a lot of tracks people may not have heard before, I think that’s important for sure.


Hier – Turn Around
Mura Masa – Hell
TNGHT – Goooo (Masayoshi Iimori Edit)
QUIX & Ian Munro – Purple Ford Falcon
Bro Safari – Reality (feat. Sarah Hudson) [Crystalize Remix]
The Weeknd – Party Monster (KRANE Remix)
Marshmello & Ookay – Chasing Colors (feat. Noah Cyrus) [Blank Flip]
Hier & LOJACK – From You
LUUDE – Sooo [VIP]
graves & Aya – Truth
Hier – Affinity
Just Blaze & Baauer – Higher (Y2K Remix)
Rae Sremmurd & Travis Scott – Swang (Hier Remix)
Diplo, Alvaro, GTA – 6th Gear (200DB Flip)
Mr. Carmack – Chargé (Boombox Cartel Remix)
Just A Gent – Sounds Of Her Mind (feat. Samsaruh) [WILDLYF Remix]
Rickyxsan – Trippy
Herobust – Bottle Swervice


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