Penthouse Penthouse New Mix is Sex


Team Supreme’s soulful duo Penthouse Penthouse are back with a buttery new mix of original tracks and remixes! The mix spans the back catalog of PP tracks going all the way back to tracks like 2013’s ‘What You Sippin On.’ The whole thing flows so smoothly. It’s definitely on some turn down & get sexi steez that long time fans will LOVE. It sounds almost like a greatest hits mix with tracks like ’69 Camaro’ featuring Bobby Saint and their extra sultry stripped down remix of ‘Thong Song’ suggestively titled ‘Let Me See That.’ The mix takes its time. There’s no frantic cutting on this one. In fact, some tracks get played through almost in their entirety. But it all fits Penthouse Penthouse laid back vibe.

Play it in the background of a sunny brunch w/ close friends or on the late night sexi tip. Stream below. Link to full trackilst on SoundCloud.


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Brian Lu aka DJ BLUZ is based in the Bay Area. His radio show ConnectFlow features the latest in forward thinking dance music, future vibes, hip hop & more.

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