Nebbra’s Freshest Batch Of Originals Has Arrived With ‘Primal Chronicles’


On April 27th, Parisian music producer Nebbra released Primal Chronicles, an EP showcasing his uniquely synth-laced creations. After dominating with tight remix after remix, Primal Chronicles is a collection of three fresh tracks that are both creatively stitched with the light touch of a skilled DJ, and the wordlessly emotional vibrations of a talented musician on the edge of electronic music.

The first track, ‘Take My Hand’ featuring Gonzalla, is mellow and laid back like a rainy weekend afternoon, but will still have you belting out the lyrics, (“we could be brothers!”) of the falsetto vocals randomly. This will startle those around you. The light, and bouncy texture of this jam gives it a casual swagger that is hard not to vibe with. A great lax-bass heavy track to unwind to.

The second track off Primal Chronicles is ‘Ashes Reborn’ which is definitely higher on the energy scale, but still reserved. Without lyrics, the vocal samples interject between melodic synths, giving the track an aggressive appeal. The twinkling synths drive the tension before the drops into the edgy and urban soundings verses.

The last track, ‘Primal,’ feels just that way. Leading with crunchy, glass-breaking samples that sound like beastly electronic growls paired with billowing, high-pitched synths, excitement is growing off the bat. The layering of different elements in the track build a lot of intertwining tension. Even though the style is complex the delicate melody is still carried all the way through.

Check them out below.


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