Conrad Clifton creates a mosaic with Beautiful Tragedy


Conrad Clifton‘s latest album is a soundscape with a sheer level of depth to it, which blends and delves into many different musical aspects to produce a cinematic wonderment.

Those following the journey leading up to the album’s release may already be familiar with the latter three  singles (out of 4 total), which now come with a couple of well-placed interludes to comprise the first half of the album. Rappers Knesecary and Da Rookiez are also featured on the album, each with their own bars to lay down for the harder-hitting tracks ‘Nitemare’ and ‘Time’, respectively.

In the age of genre-blending, Beautiful Tragedy stands out as its own unique creation. It does a very good job of going beyond what’s expected, especially in regards to how certain sounds are brought together. This is most notable in the dichotomous track ‘All I Hear’.

The artwork itself stays true to the album title, as well as keeping with the recurring artwork theme seen in the previously released singles. Even the title track shares the same vibe, being a rather somber yet elegant tune; depending on which series/show(s) you’re currently watching these days, the overall theme may strike a chord with you. The album thus concludes with Conrad’s first single of the album, a remix of V Pages‘ ‘In & Out‘, which serves as a serene finish.

Check out Beautiful Tragedy below, and let it take you to another place!


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