PREMIERE: LAMPS cranks the voltage with ‘Lights On’


Toronto local DJ Joshua Lampen, also known as LAMPS, makes his production debut with ‘Lights On’, an energy-packed tune which will get you ready for the onslaught of upcoming festivals.

The song starts with a slightly ominous and mysterious intro, which is resemblant of the ‘Stranger Things‘ theme. Shortly after, it progresses into a solid and continuous buildup – one which really stands out, thanks to its powerful kicks, and bass-laced synths. This all precedes a massive drop, which has some notably intricate breaks to help balance out and break up the solid flow of bass.

This is a track which will definitely bring all the bashsheads to the yard – don’t be surprised if you catch yourself flailing in your room to this one! Check out ‘Lights On’ below, and let it brighten your week. For those looking to really energize their playlists, it’s available as a free download!


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