Tiller Continues to Tantilize


The biggest tease, Bryson Tiller, dropped not ONE but THREE singles last week.

‘Honey’, ‘Get Mine’ ft. Young Thug, and ‘Somethin Tells Me’ reignite interest of fans who have been enduring Tiller’s taunts of a sophomore album since last October, 2016. True to Self is the name of this hotly awaited LP, and from the looks of these fire tracks the flames are being fanned, and the embers have been burning since T R A P S O U L went platinum without any features.

True to Self has yet to have an official release date announced. There is mention of June 23rd on Tiller’s Instagram, but he’s pushed back the date from earlier this year. Stay tuned, but in the mean time check out the trio below.


The mic must have been weak in the knees from the sexy flow from Tiller.This silky single can be described as a smart-mouth, spitting slick lyrics in a  frank yet sweet-talk sway. Tiller proves that not all attractions are fast and hard- they can be lulling, enticing and seductive with breathless melodies, and deep, clean bass. No frills, but fresh to death- this is quickly becoming the fan favorite of the batch.

‘Get Mine’ ft. Young Thug

A clanky snare, some trill flickers, and smokey high toned synths twinkle through the verses in lyrically dense ‘Get Mine’. The lyrics are aggressive, expressing the desperation of trying not to just to make it but to survive in the world. Young Thug’s verse is filthy, taking the power of the track to an even dark side.

‘Somethin Tell Me’

This post-modern, robo-futuristic R&B blend is crisp, and crunchy there not quite anything to compare it to in my inventory. Neoteric approaches to a romantic classic sounds of R&B and Hip Hop. Injected with contemporary dating ideals, the story-telling style of the lyrics helps preserve the quality of intimacy.







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