BINKS Returns With Trap Heater ‘Redemption’


BINKS may seem like a new name in the trap scene but he’s actually an OG. As half of Pyramid Juke he helped shape the genre and unleashed a myriad on monster tunes including the Ookay assisted slapper ‘Yen’. Despite the strong reputation and fan base the duo built, they eventually landed at a crossroads, with the two members wanting different things, “I invested a lot of time & effort trying to make the project grow but unfortunately me & my friend wanted different things in life. My dream is to make music everyday and to take care of those who I love, doing what I love. My dream is to bring people together with the universal frequencies we call music. There is too much division on this planet & it makes me cringe. I believe music transcends cultural, ethnic & religious layers of the human consciousness & it allows us to set asides those walls between us & work together. So this dream that I have is way bigger than me. So when I left Pyramid Juke I knew it was going to be hard starting over but I had to make a decision. Do I want to work at a job for the rest of my life with regret for not pursuing my goals & dreams? Or do I want to make it happen? So here I am, trying to make it happen.”

After making the tough decision, BINKS has been consistently dropping fire. From his stellar remixes of Missy Elliot to his last EP Frequencies. The project landed on fellow Trap OG, Mayhem’s label Skrong. The label and Mayhem have been instrumental in his growth as solo artist, “Working with Skrong has been such a blessing in my life. When the whole Pyramid Juke thing fell off I continued to work on music & I would always send out tracks to other artists. The only artist who would respond every single time was Anthony (Mayhem) telling me ‘yo this is dope!! Keep it up!’ or to give me tips on production. Then one day I sent him another track & he said ‘how about releasing a EP on my label?’ Oh man I was so happy that day haha & I still am! Working with Skrong has been great honestly, everything has been flowing so smooth, the communication is great, the vibes are dope, I’m blessed. It’s such an awesome feeling when friends believe in your work & want to work with you. I will always fuck with Skrong & I will continue to be associated with the label for years to come. Skrong believes in me & I believe in Skrong. They worked with me at my lowest & helped me grow. Best believe I’m going to be working with them when I am at my highest. We are a team. We a family.”

With the Skrong family at his back, BINKS is here with a fresh single entitled ‘Redemption’. It’s a filthy trap heater that embodies the nostalgic feel of the genre’s early days without sounding dated. While a large portion of the current trap sound is dubstep inspired and sound-design driven, ‘Redemption’ takes it back to the basics. Snapping 808’s are sprinkled in with gun blasts and some raw synths. It’s that uncut dope that’ll remind you why you fell in love with the genre in the first place. Stream below and look out for his joint EP with Gnosis dropping later this year.


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