YehMe2’s ‘Stay Awake’ Remix Is An Incredible Nightmare


YehMe2 has been making some serious waves since his departure from Flosstradamus. His Drake & Gucci flip has clocked over 200k plays and he’s 25 days into his stellar beat a day challenge #2. He’s gearing up to unleash his Steal This Mixtape Vol. 2 but before doing so he’s blessed fans with an official remix of Anna Lunoe & Sleepy Tom’s ‘Stay Awake’. The flip may be his best solo work to date. Stripping down the intro makes Anna’s vocals that much more impact and engrossing. It creates a hypnotic, dream-like vibe as filtered drums creep in below. The dream turns into visceral and bassy nightmare scored by nefarious synths and pounding drums. “Stay awake with me” echoes throughout conjuring the feeling of a voice calling you back into reality. But a bass-backed break soothes the tone, bringing you back to dreamland. Gun clicks and some serious wonk lead you back into a finale that’s heart-racing, dark and ever-evolving. Don’t sleep on this remix.


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