GLD Push the Limits with au_79, Their Debut EP


GLD shows off their dirty bass drops and boundary-pushing style in a chaotic four track debut EP.

This duo, Matthew Christian and Jacob Holzman, hailing from Waterbury, CT has been in it since 2014 and have made good on their promises to redefine electronic music through their debut  four track project au_79. Influenced by some of electronic music’s contemporary artists such as Flosstradamus, A-Trak, Diplo, Skrillex, GTA, and many more they still are able to maintain a unique sound.

The biggest smash off this fresh collection is ‘Crimez’ which can be described as a hyper aggressive trap track that combines the emotions of the Jaws theme song and NWA’s ‘Fuck the Police’. The track is filthy, laden with eerie guitar rifts, shrill sirens, and just an over all feeling of raw, fiery fierceness.

Next up is ‘Handz’ which draws sinister parallels between putting them up to surrender to a dope performance, or to an intimidating authority. The track’s snare heavy intro builds up into a staccato, synth-slicer with the power to give palpitations. With so many twists and turns, GLD leave fans hot and happy like a clown-themed haunted house. A similarly steamy track is ‘Riotz,’ the high energy banger where GLD’s darker tastes are showcased. The vibrating bass keeps pace with the racing rhythm creating an intricate, and rapid-fire experience.

The final track ‘Revolutionz’  is a quirky concoction of taunting synths, and a bare-bone percussion section. It is a fresh-airy sound that still feels disturbingly dark. This track goes through several transformations that showcase just how hard GLD push against conventional boundaries. The epically powerful and enigmatic outro is moving and hints at the potential of GLD’s future endeavors.

Check it out below.


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