Feel the ‘Wrath’ of HOUNDS & SENOJNAYR’s New Collab 


If trap slappers are your vibe then we’ve got something for you. HOUNDS & SENOJNAYR just collided for an absolutely beastly record in ‘Wrath’. As the title might suggests, it’s mean, menacing and maniacal. The dark soundscape from the intro drifts into raw dungeoness bass. While the first drop may be harder, the second packs a street swagger that elevates it even higher. We caught up with HOUNDS to get some insight into the inspiration behind ‘Wrath’. “There are a lot of things that inspired ‘Wrath’. I was writing the sketches of this track a long time about. Probably close to a year ago and it took quite some time to complete. SENO had a lot going on and so did I so we kind of just slowly chipped at the track and I wouldn’t of wanted it any other way. I think what inspires me the most are my surroundings. Living in Canada when its -30 degrees out, dead of winter, you’re gonna have some built up anxiety and aggression, I just try to channel it in the best way I can!” – HOUNDS

Stream ‘Wrath’ below and grab the download via Veyron Arche.


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