Punctual Announce Upcoming EP via ‘What I Love’


Following the success of their dichotomous tracks ‘Eva/Fix‘, Punctual release ‘What I Love’- a vibrant new single which perfectly teases their upcoming EP, Fading Youth, as well as the fast-approaching summer.

The song’s infectious charm and feel-good vibes will have you singing along without even realizing it. It brings together passionate, soulful lyrics, as well as cheery synths and percussion oozing with tropical flavour; all these elements combined will leave you with a bright smile spread across your face, as you find any excuse to go outdoors and colour your day with this track.

Fading Youth is set to come out sometime in the summer, so be on the lookout for when it drops. Until then, check out ‘What I Love’ below, and see if you don’t love it too!



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