Gunslinger’s ‘Journeyman’ Is A Cinematic Venture


Very little is known about Gunslinger as is, yet that won’t stop us from getting acquainted with his latest story-esque track, which will get you set for any adventure you’re about to embark on.

‘Journeyman’ takes on a more mellow, or rather introductory, tone than Gunslinger’s usual banger-ready tunes. It brings together a nice blend of a well-grounded, electro-infused bassline, and ethereal trance vibes to fill the atmosphere of his grand soundscape. Its cinematic progression is well-implemented with the guitar solo(s), that it feels like it’s telling you a story – the only variable being your imagination as to what’s happening. Whether you’re traversing a vast, empty desert, or coming face-to-face with a long-awaited adversary, this track will help push you on to overcome any hurdle that lies ahead.

‘Journeyman’ is available for download, so let this guide your journey – whether it’s a solo mission, or with close companions towards your next adventure!


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