‘Guilt Trip’ Is A Slice of Sylvan LaCue’s Soul


Sylvan LaCue is back at it with the self-produced single ‘Guilt Trip.’ It’s his third release off his upcoming album Apologies in Advance and it picks up where ‘Best Me’ and ‘Grateful’ left off. Icy keys provide the backbone for the beat, while heavy bass and slapping drum work drift in and out. Lyrically it’s what we’ve come to expect from Sylvan; introspective and personal with a weight of emotion. It’s a slice of Sylvan’s soul that you can’t help but indulge. His pain, passion and confusion are emotions that you find in yourself. Along with the release comes a stunning visual directed by Jonathan Benavente. It’s split into two distinct sections that help to clearly divide the track into two unique parts Considering the quality of the visual and the track it’s clear that Sylvan is one of best independent artists out. Apologies in Advance is shaping up to be something special. Check the video below and what Sylvan has to say about the project.

“As of right now, I’m looking to produce the entire thing myself. It’s still in its early stages & the album will be an ode to self improvement. We all want a refresh button. A change. To upgrade. Self love, self improve. But we’re afraid of what we’ll reveal about ourselves. Where it’ll take us. What we’ll gain, & what we’ll leave behind. What our personal change will mean. This is me saying go forth, peel back your layers & flaws, accept them, & better yourself along the way. Be the best version of yourself. And to whom or whatever comes that may not accept it….Apologies in Advance”. – Sylvan


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