Hydraulix Is At The Top Of The Bass Scene With ‘Madness’ EP [Interview]


Sydney based producer Hydraulix has been slaying the scene on the low for a minute. With a ton of collabs with Oski, official remixes for the likes of Excision, Herobust and Habstrakt, and a bunch of killer originals, he’s one of Australia’s illest out. Despite this and his 30k SoundCloud followers, it still feels as though he’s being slept on. With the release of Madness, we expect this to change very quickly. It’s a career-defining body of work that sees Hydraulix truly finding own unique sound; a perfect mix of hard-hitting trap and futuristic dubstep-inspired sound design. The collision is exceptionally executed with every track being a certified banger. The title track sets the tone and it never wavers from there. ‘Push It’ is an atomic bomb of raw bass and epic brass. The ATLiens assisted ‘Bounce’ is a nightmare-inducing party starter and ‘Killin It’ sees Hydraulix and Command Q doing just what the title ensues. You can stream the individual tracks below and grab the EP here.

We caught up with Hydraulix to discuss the project, his relationship with Twonk, The Simpsons and more.

Australia has become well known for its bright and cheery future bass stylings. Lately there’s more gritty sounds coming out of the area with artists like you, Oski and Zeke Beats leading the way. How would you describe the scene in Australia right now? Do you see yourself as an outsider for making darker sounds?

Man the scene in Australia is thriving musically. It’s funny because you’d think it’d be that way making heavier music but really everyone is so supportive. I think Aussies are a proud crew and when they see someone locally do cool stuff it doesn’t matter what it is, they show support.

You and Oski have worked together a ton. How did that relationship come together? What’s the best thing about working with Oski? What’s the worst?

We met about 3 years ago through our local spot Chinese Laundry in Sydney. We slowly started hanging out a bit due to same taste in music and just always being at the same spots. Next thing you know we were housemates, bestfriends and a weird kinda duo thing haha.

I’d have to say the best thing is constantly having a second ear. Someone to be like “C’mon bro, what u doin?” and funnily enough that’s also the worst thing hahaha.

Your social handles have a dub suffix. Do you see yourself as a dubstep producer, trap producer or does your sound transcend genres?

Hahaha the freaking dub. I wish I hadn’t put that. Man I love all genres and I actually make all genres. I defs just put myself under the “Bass Music” banner.

I wanted to create a cohesive piece of work…Something that you can finally go this is what Hydraulix is about.

Congratulations on the new EP, it’s absolutely insane! What was your goal when creating the project?

With this EP I really wanted to try and establish a sound. I wanted to create a cohesive piece of work that showcased a lot of the sounds I’ve been messing with and really enjoy using. Something that you can finally go this is what Hydraulix is about.

You mentioned being “hella nervous” about the release. Is there anything particular that has you feeling uneasy or just the unknown of how the project will be received?

Yeah I am definitely nervous. I really put myself into this EP, so to think people may not like what I feel is my style is always a worry. Overall the response for my 1st track has been amazing so I’m feeling a bit better haha.

How did Madness end up on TWONK? What’s it been like working with them so far? What’s Brillz like as a label boss?

The whole Twonk label has been in the making for a while, planning and making sure everything was right before they launched. Brillz hit me up almost a year ago asking for music then, it was just a matter of writing something that I was happy enough with. He’s been a day one supporter even when I felt my music was below par, he always found time to give advice and now to be part of the Twonk Team is truly surreal. The whole team at Twonk have been so supportive and organised so many opportunities for me. I couldn’t be happier with my new home at Twonk.

Can we expect a North American tour to accompany the release?

10000%! My USA tour is being organised at the moment, I’m mega excited to get back out to the US and play some shows, write some new tunes, see some friends and eat some burgers!

What’s your favorite thing to do outside of music?

I’m a pretty keen gamer. Nothing to in depth but if you play Rocket League, NBA Jam or Mario Kart I’m your man.

Based on your IG posts it looks like you’re a pretty serious Simpsons fan. What’s your all time favourite episode? How do you feel about the Australian episode? Did they capture the essence of your home land well?

Hahaha! Funnily enough that is actually my favourite episode. Australia is nothing like that but exactly like that at the same time. “Disparaging the boot is a bootable offense.” Best believe!

Simpsons or Seinfeld?

You’re a cruel man for asking such a question and I refuse to answer.

What do you want out of the remainder of 2017?

The rest of this year is slowly getting filled up with shows, releases and travels. I honestly couldn’t ask for more.


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