Rezz Marks Second Album Single With ‘Diluted Brains’


Canadian sensation Rezz stays true to her promise of a release every Friday, and unleashes the second single off her upcoming album, Mass Manipulation. ‘Diluted Brains’ follows in the footspeps of ‘Relax‘, yet unlike its predecessor, kicks things up a notch and proves that it’s no chill walk in the park.

This track has Rezz’s signature blend of quirk and mystery, but then summons a HEAVY bassline at the drop, which is likely to scramble your brain if heard on proper subwoofers. With three more weeks to go before the big release, the hype for this is building rather nicely, especially with this cryptic juggernaut which will get the place bouncing, should she drop this in an upcoming set. You can pre-order the album while waiting for its full release, and expect another new track next week as well!


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