Wax Motif’s ‘Tokyo’ EP Rocks a Heavy G-house Vibe


Wax Motif makes his debut on Tchami‘s label Confession, with a bass-fueled EP that’s going to make you feel nostalgic in one hand, and like a high-baller in the other.

In the first track, ‘Tokyo’, you hear a very familiar gamelan melody which will drift you back to 2006, which then devolves into a minimalistic bassline beat so low, that you can’t help but bounce or drop it low yourself. ‘Make It Rain’ chants about the glitz and glamour of livin’ the dream, and then jumps over into a smooth bass-house-influenced vibe, nicely paired with some rather soothing rhythmic breaths. It’s safe to say that this EP has found its righteous place among the Confession roster!

Check out the EP below – you can also click here to add it to your favourite music platform!


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