Shambhala Prep: the “All-Star” Sets of 2016


Shambhala‘s sold-out 20th anniversary is QUICKLY approaching – by now, most ticketholders have already studied, dissected and conducted field tests on the 2017 schedule. There’s a slew of top-notch artists who will be performing on August 10th-14th, but before we fully praise what has yet to happen, we’re taking a look at some of the highlights of last year, to help further build the upcoming hype. This list is going to include some of the most talked-about and lauded released sets of last year’s bonanza, along with who you can catch for a similar vibe this year.

Please note: this is a small list derived from a MUCH bigger one (the actual lineup); your “mileage” may vary.
Cover photo courtesy of Will Selviz.


Stage: Pagoda
Her debut at last year’s event turned so many heads, and had people raving about it months after the festival. It’s a dark, mysterous and quirky set, and features some stellar IDs which have now been revealed since, including her widely-sought ‘Relax‘, off her upcoming album Mass Manipulation. Speaking of, the album releases days before this year’s event, and you can guarantee that some, if not most of its tracks will be present in her set.

The Pagoda itself (pictured above) is undergoing a makeover this year as well, which amplifies the likelihood that this set is going to be etched into the history books, as well as the hearts of her devoted cult following.
Check out in 2017: Truth (b2b w/ Stylust Beats)


Sub Focus

Stage: Village
As the first artist featured in the Shambhala Live video series, London’s drum & bass wizard tore down the Village, going across all fronts of the genre – from the smoothest of liquid d&b, to the heaviest and dirtiest neurofunk, you’ll be rinsing out for an hour and a half straight to this killer set, which you can experience/re-live both audibly and visually.

Special mention goes to the 32-minute mark, where his classic ‘Out The Blue‘ is accompanied by an intense and magical spectacle, thanks to the sheer radiance of the gargantuan disco ball hanging overhead.
Check out in 2017: LTJ Bukem, Calyx & Teebee, Pendulum


Stage: Fractal Forest | Free download
The Vancouver-based DJ always knows how to keep his music true to the ethos of the funkiest place on Earth,  and returns to Shambhala to lay down some of the grooviest, sexiest funk this world has come to experience. From some booty-bumpin’ disco, to the wubbiest of glitch hop, you’ll feel like you’re on the set of Soul Train, breakin’ it down in ways you didn’t think imaginable.

Nearly every song on the tracklist is an original or remix done by/with K+Lab, and he knows exactly how/where each puzzle piece fits together, to create a musical mosaic that will leave you wanting more.
Check out in 2017: Stickybuds, Father Funk, WBBL



Stage: Living Room
This is most of Sabo’s 5.5-hour marathon sunrise set, which said goodbye to the final night of the festival into Monday morning. After an exuberant weekend, it was the perfect cooldown before the masses started making their way back to civilization.

He laid down some globally inspired house and tech vibes for a set which was tranquil and flowed smoothly, just like the nearby Salmo river. If you’re looking for something to set the mood for a daytime pool party, or a late-night dip, this will easily help you get comfortable, no matter which body of water you choose to swim in. Click the ‘Download’ icon in the top-right corner of the mix for an instant copy!
Check out in 2017:The Orb



Stage: The Grove | Free download
Toulouse-based Chloé Herry, best known as CloZee, rocked the Grove on the evening of her Shambs debut. Her mix featured an eclectic mix of a variety of sounds – from some low-to-the-ground frequencies, to world-influenced melodies, as well as a good number of throwbacks and hip-hop remixes to get the crowd singing along and feeling nostalgic.

Her own natural flair of magic, combined with that of the Grove’s, brought about a heavy yet euphoric set, which is creating a lot of buzz for her return this year.
Check out in 2017: Tor, OCTABÄN


Space Jesus

Stage: Amphitheatre
If there’s anyone who can make weird feel like the norm, it’s Brooklyn’s Jasha Tull, a.k.a. Space Jesus. Along with Sub Focus and Getter, he was treated to a Shambhala Live video of his own, which shows a glimpse of what went down the eve before the festival was in full swing.

He was also a very soothing voice amidst the wild, weird madness – at intermittent points, he would hop on the mic, and spread loving vibes into the crowd. Whether from homesickness, being a first-timer, or whatever other reason, he also assured anybody freaking out/uneasy/paranoid about anything that everything will be alright, and to just take in the moment and let go.

His set includes the track ‘M. Night Shambhala‘, which he created to express his love for the festival since his 2015 debut!
Check out in 2017: Liquid Stranger (b2b w/ Space Jesus), Yheti, Sumthin Sumthin


Stage: Village | Free download
This is a rather monumental time for the Canadian bass maestro, given that he’s preparing a special 10th anniversary set for this year’s shindig, along with the launch of his own music festival later this year. At nearly 3 million views since its release, this set brings the full force of the Village to your speakers, so take caution in where you choose to unleash this.

And to those going to both festivals this year, I hope you realize that you’re THE envy of the town.
Check out in 2017: Datsik, Ganja White Night

To those attending, the countdown is almost over – see you on the farm soon. Happy Shambhala!


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