Flamingosis’ New Album Will Leave You Feeling Groovy


New Jersey’s illustrious beatmaker/DJ Flamingosis has outdone himself again, with a new album that released exactly a year after his previous one, Bright Moments. Featuring 18 sample-based instrumentals, A Groovy Thing brings together the main variances you would usually hear in a Flamingosis track – ranging from chillaxing poolside vibes, to some funky, fanfare-friendly tunes to get down to.

The album feels constructed in a manner that takes you through a single day. Following a short intro, the first few tracks sport some early-morning vibes, which would go perfectly with pancakes and a glass of orange juice.

Not too long after, the squad starts to roll around to really kick things off – there’s some repeat collaborators within the roster, such as The Kount, Birocratic and Yung Bae. In regards to the latter, their tune ‘Come & Get It’ shines some light on Sunrize’s 1982 hit, ‘Come and Get My Lovin’‘. Ronnie Scruggs’ vocals receive a slightly lower pitch, which in turn makes the song all the more seductive, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself instantly drawn in.

Flute Salad‘ is a refreshing delight which serves as the pinnacle of euphoria on the album, thus making it the perfect lead for its second half. Its most prevalent instrument (the flute) is a common staple in Flamingosis’ works, so hearing it now feels like the ritualistic call of the flamingo. The title track follows immediately after – a smooth rework of Patti Drew‘s ‘Workin’ On a Groovy Thing‘, which fully captures the soulful essence of the original, and adds an underlying beat for that perfect “afternoon lounging” vibe.

The album starts to wrap up with a late-night aesthetic near the end, thanks to the charming twinkle of ‘Never Felt a Feeling Like This‘, as well as the soothing bossa-nova feel of ‘Guilty Pleasure‘, before closing off with features by Stereocool and Mtbrd. Despite having a bright, summery feel to it, this album is guaranteed to stay hot well into the cold months ahead, and beyond.

Like all of Flamingosis’ other tracks/albums, this one is free to download! You can also ‘name your price’ to show him some well-deserved love and support.


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