Rezz’s Mass Manipulation Is Out In Its Full Hypnotic Glory


After teasing us over the past month with ‘Relax‘, ‘Diluted Brains‘, ‘Premonition‘ and ‘DRUGS!‘, Mass Manipulation is now fully available via Mau5trap, and each track is an experimental, techno-laced, bass-fueled organism, entrancing anyone who comes across it.

Isabelle Rezazadeh, best known as the Dark Queen Rezz, states that her debut album is meant to be “a commentary on how easily our minds can become manipulated by the things we consume in society.” She invites the listener to become fully submersed and allow each track to infiltrate/take over the mind, in the hopes that “they might see things through a new perspective (perhaps an outer world viewpoint). One where everyone is free from the unrealistic expectations planet Earth has drawn for them. A world of acceptance and hypnosis. @_@


The first four tracks in the album are the very four we were already introduced to, in their respective order (posted above), before entering a realm of four brand-new tracks. Continuing after the hard-hitting ‘DRUGS!’ is ‘Livid’, which you’ll feel becoming slighty more annoyed as it progresses, until it reaches a tipping point, and explodes into its cathartic drop.

Next is ‘Green Gusher’ – for those familiar with ‘Purple Gusher’ from last year’s EP, Something Wrong Here, this is essentially its hyperactive turntablist sibling. There’s striking family resemblances between the two flavours – from the eerie synth melodies, to the brooding buildup, as well as the bassline of each drop, you’ll hear the subtle similarities which hold each separate entity together as a fruity pack. It begs to ask what colour she’s going to manipulate next, should she choose to continue with the series.


‘Synesthesia’ is a rather peculiar track, since it has more than just an auditory effect – perhaps you can taste the industrial, metallic vibes it emanates, or you can see colours according to the rhythm and harmonies of the song? As subjective as this may be, one thing’s for certain: it’s going to stimulate you in ways you didn’t imagine it could. The final track, ‘Ascension’, is a collab with Kotek, which sports some Justice influences within it. It serves as a conclusive amalgamation of everything experienced right before it, while doubling as a rude awakening from the musical hypnosis.

If the album has a solid hold on you, then you can stream/buy it for your favourite musical platform! Along with its release comes a lineup of dope merchandise, for those who need to solidify their place amongst Rezz’s ever-growing cult following. She’s now on course for a massive Mass Manipulation tour which will take her and the album around the world, into 2018 – see where’s she’s going to be, and get tickets for her upcoming shows here. Wherever you end up seeing her live, rest assured it’s going to be a spectacle you’ll never forget – or maybe, one you’re too engrossed to remember.


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