Punctual’s ‘Fading Youth’ Will Rejuvenate Your Spirits


South London’s hot-rising duo Punctual have finally released their debut EP, Fading Youth! Following the success of their single/B-side, ‘Eva/Fix‘, it’s a dreamlike wonder which shows the world their style through 4 magical tracks, which will have you dancing in some form or another.

The title track starts things off in a smooth, angelic manner. Its lyrics serve as a gentle, yet stark reminder that nothing seems to last forever, and that change is an inevitable part of life.

The next couple of tracks really bring the EP to life – following ‘Fading Youth’ is the explosively catchy lead single ‘What I Love‘, which has easily proven to be a refreshing summertime tune. ‘Mela’ continues the dance vibes, with groovy bass twangs and in-your-face synths which, brought together with its infectious vocal sample, give it its unique boogie flair.

The party comes to an end with ‘Real’, a powerful yet soothing melody with Fabienne singing on the chorus about how she wishes this dream would end. Between each chorus however, she leaves uplifting messages which serve as cheerful spots of sunshine – and you can’t help but smile as you listen along.

Check out the EP below, as well as the music video for ‘What I Love’, for that perfect pick-me-up in your day. You can also stream/download it for your favourite music platform!


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