‘Left Is Right’ Showcases Why TroyBoi Is One Of The Best Out


London’s own, TroyBoi, is an artist we’ve been championing since we started our site. In 2015 we named him one of the most inventive producers out and he’s continued to retain the title even as his name and brand has grown immensely. While many artists opt to go mainstream at their first chance, Troy instead has decided to double-down and delve deeper into the distinctive sound and style that he has created. Never has this been more apparent than on his debut album Left Is Right. The title and artwork make it clear upfront; he is here to prove that being different possesses a power far greater than anything quick money can offer. TroyBoi is an artist, and his debut truly is a work of art.

Even looking at the tracklist it’s clear that this isn’t your average album. For starters, at 20 tracks, it’s certainly one of the longer electronic albums you’ll encounter. The project is made up of a few of his most recent singles (‘Hooper,’ ‘What You Know’), signature tracks (‘Mantra,’ ‘O.G.,’ ‘ili’) and an abundance of brand new music. It features a healthy amount of collabs without it ever drawing away from the artist himself. His choice of collaborators further demonstrates his loyalty to his roots. The project features Soundsnobz partner icekream, Nefera, YAS and Jim Beanz. The only seemingly new faces are rap features from Healthy Chill and Ice Cube. Yeah, you read that correctly, TroyBoi somehow managed to land the Westcoast rap legend for ‘Look At Me’.

It all sounds great on the surface right? But what about the actual music. How does it all sound? In short: incredible. Left Is Right embodies everything that makes TroyBoi so special. It’s diverse and innovative, banging and emotional. It hits harder than anything you’ve ever heard before, then sweeps you away into a feeling of pure tranquility. Sometimes this happens over a number of tracks, but it’s most impressive when it occurs within the same song (see ‘Back To The Wall,’ ‘Flamez’). Every piece is unique but it’s unmistakably TroyBoi throughout. With his debut, TroyBoi proves that you can excel without ever having to compromise. It’s more than just an incredible body of work, it’s a bold statement to the industry. Listen to Left Is Right below and be sure to grab it on iTunes.

You can catch TroyBoi on his Left Is Right tour this fall.


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