Explore The Galaxy With Volo’s Inspirit EP


Volo’s music has always been about taking listeners on a journey. With the release of his new EP Inspirit he takes that journey to new heights in what feels like an intergalactic affair. Each song on the project is an exploration of a new planet in some distant solar system. ‘Just Breathe’ is your first step on alien soil. It’s riddled with uncertainty and whipping breezes. There’s a stretch of anxious energy that is eventually culled with the track’s constant reminder to “just breathe.” Fear eventually finds its way to the back-burner as you peer over the crest of the land for the first time. ‘Horizon’ is pure elation. A planet where everything is bright and lush and the air injects a sense of euphoria throughout. ‘Outlands’ is the most earthly. Familiar keys and chants provide the backbone for this one. ‘Inspirit’ rounds out the adventure with a sound that’s archaic and futuristic. It’s a world devoid of skyscrapers and engineering but rich with enlightenment. Climb aboard below and buy it on Bandcamp.


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