Discover Another World With Apollo’s ‘Skydive’


Vancouver-based multi-instrumentalist Apollo (previously known as Kalibo) delivers an out-of-this-world album that’ll take you on a trip into the unknown and beyond – Skydive is the perfect harmony between an ethereal transcendence into the heavens, and an intergalactic journey through the cosmos.

An album, particularly a debut album, is a rather grandiose way to start off a new moniker, and is usually a defining marker for how an artist represents him/herself to the world. That being said, Apollo, real name Joel Jasper, has fully stepped away from his former house-influenced persona for a project that is much more serene.

This is a prevalent theme throughout the album – playful melodies delicately floating in the background, atmospheric echoes fading away, and synths that reach as high as the clouds, to name a few elements. Amongst the tranquility are vocal samples, used both as a lyrical overlay at some points, and as instruments in others. Most notably, Zedd fans may recognize the lyrics to ‘Find You‘ and ‘Stay the Night‘ within the first few songs.

As the album progresses, you start hearing fuller verses in some tracks, including features in ‘Forever’ and ‘Disco Paradise’. The latter stands out as the perfect “space-indie-nu-disco” tune, and is most likely the hottest sound in neighbouring galaxies. The prominent bass and space synths flow together so nicely, that you can’t help but feel an extra bit of twinkle in your step as you dance the night (or entire day) away.

The closing track, ‘Dominion’, follows a similar pattern as the entire album itself – it starts off on a tranquil note, and as time passes, it progressively becomes more dance-oriented, before coming to a sexy close with an infectious, upbeat sample of Surface‘s 1987 hit ‘Happy‘.

Joel shows that he has no issue with rolling out some rather colourful chill vibes, and this new project is sure to bring forth more promising work from the talented artist! If the album speaks to you in otherworldly ways, you can buy it on Apollo’s website.


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