17 Producers You Should Be Listening To In 2017


In today’s musical climate there is certainly no shortage of incredible producers. It seems every week there’s another artist on SoundCloud wowing us. There’s also more noise and mediocrity than ever. With repost channels and networks taking over, music discovery isn’t quite as easy as it once was. Not to worry, your friends at FUXWITHIT have opted to make it easy for you by rounding up 17 of the best under the radar producers out right now. The selections vary greatly, both in size of following and style, but one thing is consistent throughout: their undeniable talent. This is essentially a list of artists that we feel have been absolutely killing it but still don’t get the shine they deserve. Check the list below (in reverse alphabetical order) and let us know if we missed any of your favourites.


If you’re looking for music that pushes boundaries and challenges you as a listener, look no further than X&G. The Salt Lake City based duo pretty much define what innovation means in electronic music. Their style definitely isn’t for everyone, but those who can appreciate it are sure to be left astounded. Their latest release Persona is a ten track effort that showcases their diversity and originality. Whether it’s pitting josh pan’s vocals against drops that bend space time on ‘GRAVITY,’ exploring the dark depths of the subconscious on ‘BELONG,’ or transporting listeners around the world on the emotional roller-coaster that is ‘Montage.’


Originally from Toronto, but currently holding it down on Canada’s West Coast, WHIPPED CREAM has been impressing us since she was making club bootlegs of Kanye West. Fast forward a few years and she’s become a true innovator in the electronic scene. Her collaborative EP with Hekler broke down the barriers of future and experimental bass music. Oh and if you’re looking to get your brain blown, go ahead and listen to ‘FTP’…if you dare.

Wevor Trill

Bay Area beatmaker, Wevor Trill has been heating up 2017. Kicking the year off with the Kanye sampling ‘yayzer beam,’ his music will “explode your fucking head.” The combination of clever samples, addictive loops, and snapping 808s will take you back to the days of trap’s birth (think Baauer), while his inventive progression and sound design will remind you that the future is now. His simply titled ‘drop’ just hit a million plays on Spotify, so his stock is quickly rising.


Formerly XVII, Vincent has seen his greatest progression and releases in 2017. He capped off last year with the incredible single ‘Alpha’ and rode the intense energy throughout the year. ‘Alpha’ and ‘Jinx’ showcase his duality and keen ability to produce beautifully contrasting music. Stunning intros and breaks are juxtaposed against brutal drops with sinister sound design. But it’s not just carefully crafted bangers in his arsenal. This summer he delivered ‘Breathe,’ an emotional anthem that fuses together elements of pop, trap and future bass. With the standout remix for San Holo’s latest release and an afternoon headlining spot at HARD Summer, it won’t be long before Vincent blows up. Not bad for a kid from Winnipeg, Canada.


Even their name is irregular, with lowercase styling and two dots. This off-kilter and IDGAF selection perfectly embodies their music. The experimental bass sounds are some of the wildest and weirdest your brain will ever have the chance to try to make sense off. They’ll sample anything from bird chirps to The Office and make it sound incredible. Their catalogue runs deep, but if you’re looking for a good introduction check out their latest collaborative EP a dogs tale.


Coming from our hometown of Toronto, thook is a producer we hate to admit that we’ve been sleeping on until lately. His sound is as raw as DMX on dust but with an oddly cinematic aesthetic. His basslines are beyond thick and his samples and synths are Wu-Tang Clan (nothing to fuck with). His last three releases ‘8 Zone,’ ‘flight mode pt1’ and ‘Road BOI 7’ are sure to leave you an awe. If you’re tired of the same old trap shit, thook will open you up to a new world.


NYC duo STFU (Stand Tall Fists Up) first made major waves with their Slow Roast debut So Duh. The title track brought forth a sound that could only be described as space trap. A banging display of ray gun blasts, intergalactic synths, deep bass and pounding percussion. Since then they’ve become one of the most sought-after remixers with official reworks for heavy hitters like A-Trak, Anna Lunoe, Grandtheft, Keys N Krates, TWRK and more. Adding further fuel to the fire, the duo made their Diplo and Friends debut earlier this year, which is pretty much a right of passage for soon to be stars. Topping it all off they just competed in A-Trak’s brand new Beat Battle The Goldie Awards. Yeah, they’re killing it.


This list is littered with Canadian kids churning out cool tracks on the regular. There may be no more cool or young than Prince Edward Island’s Ramzoid. It seems quite obvious that his upbringing in the “Garden Of The Gulf” has influenced his production style. There’s no shortage of nature-inspired sounds that add to the intensity and crisp, clean quality of his productions. After first making his mark with a “re-do” of What So Not 3 years ago, he’s since gone on to flip the likes of Jack U, Mura Masa, and most recently, Post Malone. He’s also co-founded Soda Island, so don’t be surprised when he bubbles his way to the top of lists like this.


The faceless duo made their mark on the industry with their debut EP Feel Your Love. Their dark bass aesthetic mixes elements of future bass with raw trap. The sound is something between Flume meets Mr. Carmack with deep emotional overtones. Their sound continues to evolve and morph with each release; one may be an experimental bass effort, the next a rap influenced banger, and another a slow burning instrumental. What you can expect from everything with their name on it though is quality. With support from NEST HQ and Elysian, don’t be surprised if you see their name popping up on the regular.


Polish producer Pham’s first big splash came with an out-of-this-world remix of Flapo’s ‘Dear Neighbour,’ and we’ve been following him closely ever since. He’s become well known for crafting soundscapes like no other; carving out a cool, yet creepy space for himself. He’s dabbled in seemingly opposing genres of house and trap, producing potent remixes of Grandtheft’s ‘Easy Go’ and most recently Big Gigantic’s collab with Waka Flocka Flame. While his down-tempo chill vibes fill the room, it’s his drum design that really takes the cake. It’s the kind of clicks, clacks and thumps, that send the whole room into a tizzy. Get emotional and wild all at once with Pham’s unique brand of fire.


Toronto’s own Noahplause has been killin’ it since 2015 with tracks like ‘Fire’ and ‘Runnin’. After a quiet 2016 he returned full force this year with a slew of massive tracks (‘Bus It,’ ‘Pull Up’ and ‘Throwing Money’. He can produce across genres from club, to trap and bass house, at times somehow meshing them together within the same tunes. If you’re looking for hard-hitting slappers Noahplause is your dude.


Mossy. first graced our radar with an official remix of Lido’s ‘Dye’. The hazy and hypnotic flip wasn’t quite like anything we’ve ever heard. The balance of sheer beauty with just enough bump has come to be mossy.’s calling card. His most recent original ‘glass’ personifies this to perfection. Mesmerizing synths are layered with emotional plucks for a sound that breathes emotion and ozone. mossy.’s music will leave you with a feeling a wonderment that’s seldom experienced.

Masayoshi Iimori

Of all the names on this list, Masayoshi’s may be the most misspelled (it’s a double i), but we believe that’s soon to change. The Japanese master of mayhem continues to craft the most mind-boggling productions. Whether it be a remix of Anna Lunoe, a bootleg of King Kendrick or an original (on Trekkie Trax, or more recently TWONK and Good Enuff), this man is the future. His productions ooze with an inimitable energy a la nightcore or happy hardcore. That energy is only equalled by a bass design that can only be labeled as ballistic. If you’re in need of a new club weapon, look no further that Masayoshi Iimori’s ever growing arsenal.

Jon Casey

South Africa is becoming a hotbed for bass music and one of the country’s brightest stars is Jon Casey. He has made some serious waves with his collaborative project It Hz. and his solo work never disappoints. His Rockerfeller EP is a rugged bass heavy beast. His ability to blend worldly sounds with futuristic sound design is reminiscent of TroyBoi, but he does so all in his own way. Don’t let his straightforward name fool you, his music is anything but.


Portuguese production powerhouse, Holly just hit the 200 track mark on his SoundCloud, with the release of ‘Bruno Mars’ featuring Woolymammoth. Let that sink in for a second. That means in the 3+ year lifespan of his account, Holly has dropped more than a track a week. But we’re not just talking about pure quantity since there’s no shortage of quality in his, at times queasy, bass tunes. He’s worked with everyone from QUIX to Max Styler and even Masayoshi Iimori on ‘Pump It Up.’ And that’s not the only thing Holly and Masayoshi share. They’re both nearly impossible to categorize. While they are obviously not future bass, they are both future and bass personified. Holly has literally unleashed ‘Hellfire,’ while also showing a more subtle side with the likes of ‘I’m No Better.’ It’s safe to say Holly is one of the hottest commodities on the market, especially after winning The Beat Battle at The Goldies.


French fire-thrower Dombresky is taking things to the next level in 2017. After exploding onto the scene with a tempestuous 3 track EP on Fool’s Gold, he then smashed things up with a sublime remix of fellow Frenchman DJ Snake’s ‘Middle,’ adding an awe inspiring appearance on Record Record’s Filet Mignon 4. He’s upped the ante this year once again flipping DJ Snake, this time taking on ‘Ocho Cinco.’ He’s since found a home for his hard hitting and deliriously deep house track on Tchami’s CONFESSION. His latest output, ‘Hostyl’ with MALAA further showcases how dirty Dombresky can get. And if dirty is what you desire, best find yourself front and centre for the next Dombresky DJ set, as the man mixes it up with the best of em, see his set for The Cookout on SiriusXM.


There must be something in the water in eastern Canada, either that or it’s just the Screech. Like Ramzoid, Bishu comes from the coast and brings big time tunes to the mainland. After unleashing his early work on Unborn Records, he’s since made his mark on Mad Decent, culminating in an epic episode of Diplo & Friends. His wild, “wavey” style welcomes twerking, but he’s not just about the booty, he’s got a lot of love in his productions: see his collaborative remix of ‘Alaska’ with Luca Lush or his latest ‘Skin To Skin’ with QUIX. Don’t sleep, grab your surfboard and ride the swell of songs Bishu is bringing.

Word by Colin & Oggie James.


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