um..’s Shambhala Set is a Doggone Stomper


We’ve been on um..‘s trail for some time now, and shortly after releasing our interview with the duo, their iconic Shambhala debut set is now available for everyone to get weird to!

It draws inspiration from multiple realms of bass. Some of the features include the nostalgic glitch sounds of Koan Sound, massive heavy-hitters like Trampa and Vorso, as well as tracks off their latest EP, for a set that will have you flailing, headbanging, and wobbling along with the crowd vibes heard throughout the hour-and-a-half mix. It’s censored, in which profanities are replaced with dog barks – which is very fitting for young puppers listening to the mix. Check out the  set below, and (re-)experience the madness that went down on the farm that night!

Given the popularity of their set, there’s a chance that they could (potentially) make a return to the farm next year! You can acquire tickets to Shambhala 2018 here.


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