Ekali & Denzel Curry’s ‘Babylon’ Gets Remixes From Skrillex x Ronny J, sober rob x oshi & josh pan x X&G


Ekali & Denzel Curry’s ‘Babylon’ is an absolute monster. Remixing a track of this magnitude is no easy feat, but Ekali found a few producers that are more than up to the task. The official remix pack features 3 collaborative reworks. Kicking things off is Skrillex and Ronny J’s rendition. This one stays truest to the original, perfectly balancing Denzel’s vocals with some even more intense energy. I didn’t think it was possible, but this remix is even harder and darker than the OG. sober rob & oshi completely flip the vibe with their take. The beat and backdrop is smooth and elegant. It feels like riding though Central Park in a horse drawn carriage on the first snowfall of the season. But that’s just the beat. The aggressive in your face lyrics and delivery from Denzel are still there providing a stark juxtaposition that somehow works so well. Rounding things out comes X&G and josh pan’s flip. As expected it’s the wildest and weirdest of the bunch. What start out tranquil and vibe-laden goes completely off the deep end. One minute they’re hitting you with club inspired vocal chops, the next you’re straight into the jungle with tribal drums beating harder than you heart when you’re standing next to a lion. Stream below.


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