ETC!ETC! Brings the Heat with #NOTMYTEMPO LP


ETC!ETC! ignites the bass with his #NOTMYTEMPO LP. Here are my favorites from this 9 track new release.

Leading the pack is ‘Fyre’. As the deep-dark vocals refrain ‘Ga-ga-ganja/Roll up the weed/ Fire” a fast-paced BPM classic to the Moombah style, you suddenly realize you’re ready to party. ETC!ETC! has created yet another, bass-heavy, track that makes you want to dance like a flame flickers next to a subwoofer. Even though this is a dance track, it still feels dark and spooky with break-downs, breathy sirens, and gun-cocking sound effects. Sparking off the speakers, this track was made to get you hyped.

The title track, ‘#NOTMYTEMPO’ which ETC!ETC! teamed up with Bro Safari is one of, if not the dankest track. With a quick-steady, reggeaton beat that is introduced by rising synths, and a vicious drop into the meat of the rhythm. ETC!ETC! and Safari created a spell-binder with its aggressive, swirling sirens and hardy build-ups. My only issue is that it is over way too soon for all the punch that is packed into it.

‘Dame Mas’ has yet another heart-racing tempo that is smashed with throbbing synths, and sexy vocals. You could bachata and head-bang to this fusion of Caribbean and traditional flavors. Thundering, plunky bass paired with the steady swish of a maraca sample makes for an irresistible combination you just have to shake your hips to.

Intermixed with this heavy dance tracks, are gems like ‘Pon El Radio’, which is an interesting blend of live-horns, and an airy bongo-drums reminding the listener where ETC!ETC! draws his inspiration from.

Check these out and more below. Moombahton is back!


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