S’natra Recruits Brasstracks & BXRBER for ‘Lie For You’ 


S’natra and Brasstracks stay making magic; whether it’s just S’natra and Ivan (‘Number One,’ ‘Tonight Freestyle’) or the full duo (‘Lemme Put This Cup Down’). ‘Lie For You’ keeps the trend going while sprinkling in their homie BXRBER on the hook. As soon as you hear the brass you know it’s going to be on point. The backdrop is smooth and sexy, allowing S’natra to kick laid-back verses about love and dating. His personal style is easily relatable as he takes listeners through the early days of a love story. The second verse centres around a key turning point in any relationship: meeting the parents. It’s a smooth tune that’s punched up with a powerful hook and strong instrumental backing and leaves us even more excited for S’natra’s upcoming project.


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