Mr. Carmack & Promnite Create A Dystopian Dream On ‘Project Paradis’


The dystopian end of Human independence has come and gone… singularity has manifested itself in the form of All-Robotic corporations, automating all basic processes, harvesting raw material, energy, land, and sea. The Earth has become an uninhabitable rock of magma and metal, resource stockpiles, server skyscrapers, waste, and free current electricity which has thrown Earth into a perpetual global storm. One such All-robotic corporation is Paradis Corp; responsible for building Bio-domes, huge snow-globe like structures on land… they are the only robotic process that deals with the few ultra-wealthy humans left in the world worth saving. Our fight to break the simulation has begun…

‘Run It’ is Paradis Corp’s theme song. An ode to greed and power that starts beautiful and triumphant but quickly becomes ugly and violent. It’s efficiency and domination over everything. There’s a glimmer of hope throughout but it’s quickly devastated by Paradis Corp. ‘YAIMT’ is an exploration of the elements. It’s a trip outside the bio-domes. An electrifying journey as the currents travel through your ear drums, down your spine and back into the earth. ‘PaaRRttYY’ brings us inside the bio-dome. With the world in pure chaos, being consumed and destroyed with each passing moment, there’s only one thing for the human race to do: party of course. The anthem is a distorted dark disco record that only gets better as your drug-soaked brain dives deeper into the rabbit hole. ‘Mob Life’ gives us a taste of the rival robotic uprising. The underbelly of AI. A shadowy group destined to overthrow Paradis Corp and claim control of the globe for their own devious desires. ‘ODO’ is a realization. An eye-opener from everything you’ve just endured. The earth is no longer yours and the bio-domes will not last long. But there’s still hope. A final ship left unscathed that can take you to a new uninhabited but livable planet. As you blast beyond the blue flashes and ravaged steel, a warm hopefulness washes over your soul. Maybe everything just may workout…

Welcome to Paradis.

*Project Paradis is collaborative effort from Mr. Carmack & Promnite. The first paragraph from this article is their description of the world they built for this project. The remaining text is my interpretation of how each song lives within the narrative. You can download the project for free here.


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