Get Lost In A ‘Time Warp’ With Crash Lands’ Latest


Earlier this year, Crash Land burst onto our radar with a stellar self-titled debut single. Six months later comes the follow-up with ‘Time Warp’. The track picks up right where ‘Crash Land’ left off, literally referencing the first single with the opening bars, “It took a decade just to get me here, that felt like a second though, told you time is relative, I’ve been here for a minute hoe.” The track balances spacey sound design, pitched vocals, future bass leanings and a strong rap backbone. It all warps together for a must listen that proves Crash Land is one to watch out for going into the end of the year. Stream ‘Time Warp’ below and check out the cool visuals. You can grab it here via STMPD RCRDS.


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