PREMIERE: The Hi-Yahs ‘Feels Like Empty’ Is An Emotional Roller Coaster


The Hi-Yahs is back again with a new original. ‘Feels Like Empty’ is an emotional roller coaster with constant progression. An understated wavy vibe opens things up. As powerful synths are layered with touching vocal samples, it really begins to build. The feel is that of an impending break-up that isn’t fully realized. When the drop hits, all the pent-up underlying anger is finally all out on the table. It’s heavy and intense but before you know it, it’s gone (and so are they). Things become more introspective from there. A break brings all the feels as the energy winds down and intensity turns to reflection. It’s a winter alone watching snow fall. The energy begins to build once more for a conclusion that is nothing short of wild. A bassy trap drop brings the bump before it evolves into some insane hard trap. ‘Feels Like Empty’ once again shows The Hi-Yahs’ ability to always come through with something fresh. It’s myriad of emotions that’s sure to leave you feeling something. Stream below and grab the free download.


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