Jodie Abacus’ ‘Meet Me In The Middle’ Is A Soul-Searcher


“What can I say about Meet Me In The Middle, it’s a sexy song about the desire of two people that are far away from each other yearning to be close to one another.”

-Jodie Abacus

South London’s Jodie Abacus recently released his latest EP, and one of its tracks is a calming, longing message to a special someone far away. ‘Meet Me In The Middle’ is a soul-pop-infused soother, which plays on its emotional side to show its true colours.

The production work is that of Vancouver’s Pomo, who brings his own flair of sensual enticement. He does this with synthwork that sounds and feels slightly submerged beneath the surface of the track, which really helps Jodie’s vocals pop out. Throughout the middle of the track, everything goes really deep, which gives the feeling of being in a hidden musical alcove, to peacefully contemplate and take in the moment. If there’s someone you long for though, be warned: this tune may have your heart crying out for them, if you’re not careful.

‘Meet Me In The Middle’ is fittingly the midway track on Jodie’s latest EP, Mild Cartoon Violence, which is now out and can be streamed/downloaded for your listening pleasure!


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