PREMIERE: So Sus Turns Up So Loki & bbno$’s ‘Clik’


When So Loki and bbno$ wanted a fresh flip of their slapper ‘Clik,’ they didn’t have to go too far. When they asked fellow Vancouver native and homie So Sus if he wanted to put his spin on it, he quickly replied, “why are you wasting time asking me if I want to, when you should have already sent me stems? The stems were sent over and So Sus got to work. His goal with the remix? “I wanted to make it a hybrid/wonky trap song that is appropriate for the club with a lot of energy, and when I say a lot, I mean like a kill them with lazers amount.” One listen and it’s clear he executed this vision with precision. The remix perfectly balances the rap swagger from the OG while kicking the energy up a number of notches. Sus lets the verses breathe before looped vocals build into a drop that’s straight bonkers. bbno$’s verse floats in effortlessly as the energy simmers before a skull-splitting finale. It’s yet another display of just how hot Canada is right. Stream below and grab that free download.


Photo credit: Shot by steph


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