Deadbeats Compilation Vol. 2 Stays Dark


Deadbeats has unfurled a vicious collection of flaming hot tracks that push the limits of electronic music and this dimension.

This label  has been shredding it up on tour since the beginning of the summer, and they have serious line-ups for the last two shows of the year in Seattle and New York City. Deadbeats have signed some of the darker characters in the bleeding edge of dark electronic music. It makes sense that they would want to showcase some of their dankest artists with a powerful compilation of rib rattling bass, eerie hooks, and seething synths. Here is a taste of what’s part of this spread.

Fresh from their Australian and New Zealand sets, YOOKiE sparks the first match with ‘Intruder Alert’. This track is spacey, taking it’s time to build up, collecting sounds like hapless victims along the way, to a piercing crest of crunchy snares, and bold synths. It’s over before it has even really begun, but is a gruesome demonstration of YOOKiE’s fascination with the sharpest edges of dark electro.

Another surprisingly catchy and brutal laden with ballooning bass is Chuurch’s ‘Purple Ghost’ featuring Bricc Baby. This simple collection of sounds is brought to life with a funky-fresh vibration that is difficult to resist getting down to. The break down highlights the not only the crispy clean sounds, but how they build so well on each other, especially with the elastic, and overarching pure synths in the back.

On the tail end of this Deadbeats medley is LICK’s ‘Push’. By no means a snore, this high energy, and plucky rhythm is coated with sticky distortions, booming bass, and thrilling effects. When the beat breaks, the classic techno nature of the synths are revealed just to be annihilated by the timeless growler bass line, and it is driven hard to the end. It goes down the hatch smooth and smoky. Try this track and the other ten in total below.





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