Let Sundae Sauuce’s ‘Strawberry Drizzle’ Sweeten Your Day


Just like all of our compilations, all of the money generated from Bandcamp will be donated toward a cause or charity we feel is important. This time around, the money will all go toward helping the relief effort in Puerto Rico.

-Sundae Sauuce

The charity-driven music platform Sundae Sauuce has just released a new funk-filled collection, Strawberry Drizzle! This jam-packed compilation is a delicious way to usher in the longer nights, colder days, and time spent cuddling with your favourite tunes by the fireplace.

It boasts a wide roster of artists across 16 tracks, which is easily justified by the fact that more than half the songs are 3 minutes or less. Regardless of length, each artist/collab has their own unique style(s) to bring to the table, ranging from lo-fi to to blues to future funk, as a few examples.

That being said, it’s been organized in such a way that the songs smoothly segue into one another, and start/end off the whole project in a very fluid manner.

Its Caramel counterpart from this past summer leans far more on the chillhop/instrumental hip-hop side, and has a cheerier, sunny vibe to it; this flavour has a slightly somber, laid-back mood to it in comparison, and has much more even distribution between chillhop and funk – which makes it perfect for those looking to stay indoors, yet still find ways to move about and dance.

The comp starts off with its two pre-released tracks: Moods‘ groovy yet sensual remix of Ian Ewing & SunBLVD, along with beatmaker Birocratic‘s mystically funky tune right after, each laying down twinkly, feel-good vibes to uplift the soul. Together, they create a comfortable opener to sit down and warm up to, particularly if you just came in from exposure to the cold, or a long day at work – if not both.

Following those is a collab with Ian Ewing alongside Flamingosis, ‘Tony Montana’. With an air of rattling suspense and a tinge of spice to the track, it’s safe to assume it pays homage to the Scarface protagonist himself.

Things then take on a much softer tone, thanks to Quickly, Quickly and Blue Wednesday delivering a moment of absolute serenity to ease the mind and calms things down. It’s also around this point that lyrics start becoming much more prevalent, with falcxne throwin’ vocals on his retro-esque track (which doesn’t happen all too often, mind you), and Dee Lilly‘s ‘Exceptional‘ featuring the R&B prowess of Xone White.

The “crisp autumn walk down the sidewalk” award would likely go to bungalow and Wes Wax. The soft keys are as graceful as the last leaves falling from the treetops; meanwhile, its percussions are skipping along to the smooth bassline chillin’ in the back. The vocal sample during the midway interlude turns the calm saunter into a bit of a perky swagger, before returning to regular pace to see the song through.

Since the white stuff (snow) hasn’t quite settled in yet, there may be some of you looking to go for a drive while the roads are still in good condition. Guggenz and Engelwood have provided the perfect tunes for such – the former takes the low road for a slow, easy drive on a quiet street, whereas the latter sports a “Saturday night cruise down an empty highway” aesthetic.

Following those, the remaining songs don’t utter a single word, whether sung or worked in as a sample – less to focus on, giving the listener more to rather take in and appreciate. Pastel‘s ‘Long Life’ is a must for the funky philosophers out there, providing a tune to both contemplate and groove out to. Brock Berrigan brings an Alice-In-Wonderland type of vibe with ‘Rabbit Hole‘, right before landing on saib. whose closing track, ‘Groovy Blues‘, takes the genre and gives it a bit of a beat-filled twist.

With this being such a huge and eclectic sampler, there’s bound to be a track (or 5) that you’ll likely resonate with. Get a taste of Strawberry Drizzle, and let it flavour your playlist(s) as winter slowly draws near.

To celebrate the compilation in a proper manner, there’s a Strawberry Drizzle Release Party happening on the 1st of December in Brooklyn – Moods, Birocratic, Ian Ewing and The Kount will be bringing Sunnyvale to life and dropping most, if not all of the Strawberry Drizzle songs into their mixes throughout the night. Grab tickets and RSVP, if you’re looking to get lost in the Sauuce that night!


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