thook Transcends Space and Time with ‘seaside’


thook may be Toronto’s best kept secret. The producer has been consistently defying convention with a wealth of mind-blowing releases. Each song is an escape into a new world. A soundscape so rich that you’re instantly transported. ‘seaside’ is yet another journey; not just through space, but also time. It begins in the early 20th century with you walking down a European coastline. Refreshing waves slip under your feet and you feel an air of tranquility. The sun is shining but a cool breeze is afoot. Birds chirp but you sense something drastic is impending. As you close your eyes a tidal wave sweeps you into the ocean. As you’re swirled about psychically your mind matches pace, presenting visions of an electronic future. Devoid of nature and filled with concrete and bright lights. It’s over-stimulating, mind-boggling but also kind of incredible. Machines roam the sky and people appear all over buildings. Before you can make sense of it all you’re washed back ashore and the familiar reality begins to take shape. Although it feels good to be back, you can’t help but think about the world you had invisioned amongst the waves. Dive in below.  


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