Lil Hank Is ‘EDM’s Last Hope’


It’s easy to write off lil hank. You see his cute furry face and think he can’t possibly be an exceptional producer. Add to the fact that he considers himself “EDM’s Last Hope” and you have to ask yourself, is the doggo for real? One listen to his new EP and you’ll realize he is in fact for real. The four track project showcases a range and quality that is up there with any top producer in the game. ‘A Young Puppo Is Born’ serves as the perfect introduction with a drawn out emotional appeal that pulls you in with each bar. The stunning soundscape is beefed up with some snapping drum work and mesmerizing synths. Alluring vocals round the track out for a sound that is nothing short of spectacular. ‘Attack Of The Mean DJs’ switches the scene as things get gritty. It’s a rugged trap slapper that feels like a war in outer space. With the title track lil hank crafts an abusive hybrid hitter that’ll set your system on fire. Saving the best for last is ‘A Legend Unleashed’. Sure to draw comparisons to a certain feline, the song pairs stirring builds with icy chords, knocking bass and some heavy drums. Hypnotizing melodies will pull you in while an exotic underlying influence gives it the perfect glean. Is lil hank ‘EDM’s Last Hope’? I’m not sure, but he’s definitely the future.

Be sure to cop the project on iTunes as 50% of proceeds are going to Animal Shelters in areas affected by major hurricanes this year.


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