PREMIERE: Hosky Brings The Bounce With ‘Big Sam’


One of the best things about the music scene right now is the constant influx of new talent popping up everyday. The latest to grace our radar is New Zealand producer Hosky. Currently based in Seoul, South Korea, Hosky went from DJing and producing as a hobby to taking things seriously in 2015 when he enrolled at Mainz (Music Audio Institute of New Zealand). With classmates like SYSYI, LOUD, and Montell2099, he was quickly inspired and began working to create his own sound. Today we have the honour of premiering his most impressive work to date ‘Big Sam.’

The track blends elements of jazz, house and trap for a sound and bounce that is reminiscent of Sam Gellaitry. Don’t get it confused though, the track wasn’t named after Sammy G. “I’m just incredibly unorganized at saving my Ableton projects. I will always smash the keyboard and think to myself there’s no way I will forget about this file…then I do. So originally ‘Nmnp’ was just random. Both me and my flatmate are huge football fans (soccer) and thought it would be funny to just start naming tracks with nicknames of players/coaches. This one happens to be ‘Big Sam’ in reference to ‘Sam Allardyce’ the Everton manager.” Hosky tells us.

As to how the song came together “I have spent the last couple of months making music while not really releasing anything. Trying to push myself to making something new. I started messing with a lot of pluck sounds and realized I could make a lot of bouncy/jazzy/funky sounding melodies and chord stabs which sounded out of place individually but worked well together with everything else. The end goal was really to make something different that has a simplistic sort of feel while still having enough complexity to keep you wondering where the track is going to go.” That simplistic complexity comes together perfectly on ‘Big Sam’. The slow burning builds and breaks create an air of tranquility with just a touch anticipation. When he brings the bounce in it’s pure futuristic bliss with just the right jazzy edge. If this is any indication of what Hosky has on the horizon, expect 2018 to be a big year for him. Stream below and grab the free download.


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