zotti Amazes with ‘crystal’


Earlier today I was scrolling through SoundCloud and saw a name pop up that seemed familiar yet uncertain: zotti. The all lowercase stylization and intriguing track name ‘crystal’ commanded me to press play. From the outset I was pulled in. The crystal sounds created a dynamic, mesmerizing and almost spiritual energy. The addition of drums and stretched vocal bends paired perfectly with heavenly strings and stirring synths. ‘crystal’ is an escapist’s fantasy. Even if you’re stuck in the snowy city, for 2:41 zotti will transport you to a new world. Warm dry air swirls as you stumble out of picturesque cave and wonder through the desert hills. With each passing section a new mirage is conjured before your eyes, so real you can almost taste it. It’s a dreamy escape that’ll have you hitting replay to relive it over and over. If this is your first time listening to zotti be sure to check out ‘memory’ and ‘ugh’. zotti is the future.


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