halpe Drops Magical New Track ‘Spells’


If you to are dealing with this frozen December, locked up into your warm houses, in front of the fireplace, under stacks of heavy sweaters and socks, you might enjoy this new pill of escapism by halpe.

As in the best Disney movies, ‘Spells’ welcomes you with a gentle and intimate fairy tale atmosphere that makes you immediately comfortable: the pitched vocals and the bells flow over you like tiny snowflakes on a winter evening, while the subs acts as a blanket that softly covers the surrounding space. As in every story though, this dream doesn’t last long with the introduction of a lashing bass. In a matter of seconds the romantic snowfall slowly starts to evolve into something way more unpredictable. When we reach its climax, there’s no trace of the previous part of the composition and we find ourselves exposed to a wild blizzard, a musical storm that runs over us full of anger.

It’s remarkable what the Argentinian producer is able to set up in just three minutes. The change-ups are drastic but nevertheless they sound so organic that they feel like a natural progression of each other.

Stream ‘Spells’ below and keep an eye on halpe for more unique music.


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